As part of the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan for the Quebec pork industry, a Research, Development and Transfer (RTD) Forum was held to promote exchanges on research priorities and to identify strategies of implementation in order to better coordination of RTD activities in the pig sector. This Forum followed up the formation of the Committee for Research, Development and Transfer of the Pork Industry, called the RTD Committee, under the coordination of the CDPQ.

The members of the RTD Committee have identified research topics to prioritize in the coming years following consultation with more than 80 experts in the pig sector. The Guide on Research Priorities for the Porcine Sector, Horizon 2024 (only available in French), resulting from this collaborative effort, is a most relevant tool for researchers to prepare projects that address the concerns of the sector, with potential for significant spin-offs for the sector.

In addition, funding program managers will be able to use this Guide as a reference for selecting projects in a context where budget envelopes are limited.

The committee also plans to carry out an annual follow-up in order to provide, if necessary, updates according to the evolution of the situation in the hog sector.

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